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author, Sustainable Design: A Critical Guide, Princeton Architectural Press, 2012

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Princeton Architectural Press

Co-author and editor, Sustainability Districts for NYC: Building an Equitable and Resilient Future, 2015

"Spurning SPURA," a critique of Lower East Side development plans, The Achitect's Newspaper, Sept 27, 2012

"Beyond energy savings: How green buildings can cut labor costs," Greenbiz.com, Sept 12, 2012

"A View on Encouraging the Use of New Light Sources and Performance," Home Lighting & Accessories, May 2012

"Say Watt," on Traditional Home Editors' Blog (April 16, 2012)

Op-Ed article opposing Big Box development in the Lower East Side (Mar 16, 2012)

U.S. Green Building Council's Green Home Guide, blogger and "Ask A Pro" contributor, 2007 - present:

July 2012: Which medium base LEDs can be used in enclosed ceiling fixtures?
July 2012: Does using a ceiling fan save money?
Apr 2012: Would hallway lighting that uses motion sensors reduce costs in a 288 unit coop?
Mar 2012: Linoleum vs Vinyl, and where do I get it?
Feb 2012: Are there any high efficacy luminaires that are 100% American made?
Jan 2012: How do I make sure a residential condominium has good and proper lighting?
Nov 2011: I want to buy my granddaughter a wooden doll chest. I am considering one handmade from a veneer called luan. Should I be concerned?
Oct 2011: I would like to cover recessed lighting with fiberglass insulation but am concerned with fire hazards and building code requirements.
Oct 2011: I broke one of those twisty lightbulbs. I read that this means my home is mercury contaminated. True?
Sept 2011: I want to install a chandelier in a bathroom. Do I need to take extra steps to ensure it won't be damaged by moisture?
Aug 2011: Is bamboo really better than FSC wood flooring? I've heard bamboo uses a lot of glue to keep it together and even eco glue sounds scary!
Aug 2011: Are there efficient alternatives to halogen track lighting?
July 2011: I would like to build a "green" home on property I own outside the United States. Any suggestions on where to start?
June 2011: How can I find out how much energy my refrigerator uses?
May 2011: What is the most eco-friendly countertop and flooring for a house?
May 2011: What type of light bulbs should I use? I'm looking for ways to reduce the energy I use for lighting (without resorting to candles!)
Apr 2011: What's the difference between Energy Star and an Energy Star Home?
Feb 2011: Our tiny bathroom is in dire need of an eco renovation. What are some things to keep in mind for this upcoming venture?
Jan 2011: I'd really like to find an LED light that fits in a GU24 base that I can use in a sconce or an overhead.
Jan 2011: What is the greenest dimming light bulb?
Oct 2010: Do Energy Star product ratings take into account product lifespan and the environmental impact of planned obsolescence?
Sept 2010 (blog post): Did I kill the party?
Sept 2010: How energy efficient are "Xenon" halogen bulbs in light fixtures?
Aug 2010: We are considering buying vinyl flooring with Scotchgard by 3M. Is it safe?
July 2010: When does MDF offgas? When the heat is on in the winter or throughout all seasons?
June 2010: I am wondering about reconstituted wood. Am redoing a kitchen and want greener options for cabinets/flooring. Is recon green?
May 2010: I have heard that if you turn a light on and off frequently you shouldn't use a fluorescent bulb. Is this true of compact fluorescents?
Apr 2010: Are there CFLs or other energy-saving light bulbs that work on a dimmer-regulated light fixture?
Mar 2010: Is cork flooring really a green product? It seems fairly accepted that it's a renewable raw material, but is the final product really green?
Feb 2010: Will a water tank before my hot water heater help keep my hot water hotter longer?
Jan 2010: I am just starting to design a home and want to incorporate green elements. Do I start now or wait until I start working with a builder?
Oct 2007: Are old appliances green because we are reusing, or not green because they are not Energy Star?
Oct 2007: I want energy efficient lighting, but hate the cold light of fluorescents. Can you help?
Oct 2007: Tankless water heaters: electric or gas?

columnist, Going Green Blog, DIY Network:

Oct 2007: My (Green) House is Your (Green) House
Oct 2007: Let There Be Light But Let It Be Green
Nov 2007: Size Matters
Nov 2007: Crying for joy... or how some insulation nearly made me miss a wedding
Dec 2007: Should your wood shop become a “grass shop?”
Dec 2007: Honey, I shrunk the hot water heater


"Cities in Nature/Nature in Cities," 2nd Sustainable Design and Building Encounter, Mexico City, 2013 & 2014
"Green Design as (Un)usual,"
Van Alen Institute, July 7, 2012
"Transparent Green, or the end of green design," D&D Building, May 22, 2008, NYC
"Green Criteria for Materials Selection," webinar, Design Arts Seminars 2010
"Green Design: To Sustainability and Beyond," Design Arts Seminars, 2008 - 2015
"Transparent Green," Greenopia, NY Edition, 2007
ansparent Green," Lipman World Jan 30, 2007, www.lipmanworld.com
"Notes on Sustainability," from Echo:, proceedings of HearSAY, 10 Conversations on Design, The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA, Nov 7-9, 2002
"Let There Be Light, But Let It Be Green," SFMart, Sept. 19, 2007
The Lazy Environmentalist, frequent guest
"Green Interiors: Fun with Furniture," GreenHomeNYC, July 19, 2006
"Let There Be Light, But Let It Be Green," NYC Green Building Salon, June 8, 2006
"Sustainable Lighting for Living Spaces," D&D Building, NYC, April 11, 2006
"Sustainable/ECO Design for the Future for Residential Lighting," DLF/New England, Boston, Jan. 18, 2006
"Transparent Green," 2005. Also published at Sallan.org Snapshot, Jan. 2006.
"Maintreaming Sustainable Design," IDSA NE Conference, April 8, 2005
"Eco-aware Urban Architecture and Design," moderator, Eco-Metropolis, Nov. 2004
"The Educator's Crash Course on Eco-design," First offered at Parsons School of Design, Sept. 2003
"Sustainable Lighting: Beyond Energy," presentation at IES/NY, April 2003
"Assignment: Green," co-curator, exhibit at Municipal Art Society, Spring 2003
"Turning Green," presentation at Municipal Art Society, April, 2001.
Architectural Lighting, March 2002. Article by Bergman: "What's in a Name?"
"By Design," Edifice Rex/At Home, monthly columnist, www.edificerex.com, 2001
Architectural Lighting, July 1999. Article by Bergman: "CFLs: New Technology Needs New Solutions."
Visual Seltzer, co-editor and co-founder


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2008 HC&G IdeaHouse, July/Aug 2008.
and GreenHomeNY tours, Oct. 2006.
Lighting for Tomorrow, Honorable Mentions, 2005
California Energy Commission ENERGY STAR® Residential Light Fixture Advancement Project, grant recipient, 2003.
Lighting for Tomorrow, Honorable Mention, 2003.
Core 77, "Best of Lighting," 2001 ICFF.
IDRA (International Design Resource Awards), Award Winner, 2000.
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NYC 2030 District, Executive Board and Communications Committee
Designers Lighting Forum of New York, Executive Board member
Yale Blue Green, Founder, Co-chair of NYC branch
Furniture New York, past president, current treasurer

, founding board member
Greenopia, NYC Advisory Council
Traditional Home, Green Advisory Panel



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